We seriously couldn’t be happier. And it’s great to know that we have this on hand and just need to buy the tips if we ever have this issue again.  – Elyn


Clinically proven to kill lice, super lice, and 99.2% of eggs in a single treatment.

  • KILLS LICE AND EGGS IN 1 TREATMENT – The only home solution clinically proven to kill lice, super lice, and 99.2% of eggs in a single treatment.
  • LICE FREE GUARANTEE — We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back!
  • COMPLETE LICE KIT TREATS 2 – Includes everything needed for at-home treatment and lice removal, including reusable OneCure heated-air lice treatment device and 2 single-use tips. Please note: After using the single-use tips included with the kit, you will need to purchase Refill Tip Kits to use the OneCure device again. See product description below for details.
  • SAFE, FDA-CLEARED MEDICAL DEVICE – Uses precision-controlled heated air to dehydrate and kill lice and eggs. Safe head lice treatment for kids 4 and older.
  • NON-TOXIC, PESTICIDE-FREE – Gets rid of head lice in about 1 hour without any harmful chemicals or pesticides.

OneCure™ comes with a Free Consultation with a Lice Expert

Don’t take out word for it, listen to a few of our amazing satisfied customers.

This product should be in your home if you have a kiddo in school. I know the price seems shocking but trust me for piece of mind that you have done 1 treatment and done, it is worth it. If you have never had to treat for lice, you don’t understand the true stress and this takes that off your shoulders! Get it!

Worked exactly as intended and killer lice after one treatment. I had been fighting a small outbreak of lice from September to October 2018. Once we got this, it was one and done. I bought extra heads from the manufacturer directly to have on hand for a future problem. Excellent product that Inhighly recommenced. It is not cheap, but one treatment at the salon would cost the same. So, since I have two girls that may get lice again, this was an excellent investment.


OneCure Lice Treatment
One and done! Be lice free in about an hour. The revolutionary OneCure uses the same intelligent heated-air technology used in our clinics to dehydrate and kill live lice and their eggs (nits). This complete kit treats two and is 100% guaranteed. The device is reusable with purchase of additional single-use tips. Safe and easy to use for ages 4+.
  • Kills lice, super lice, and eggs in 1 treatment.
  • Clinic-proven technology.
  • FDA-cleared reusable device.

$224.95 $179.96 per kit

OneCure Tip Kits

If you already have the OneCure, treat additional cases with this refill tip kit (OneCure device, gel dispenser and nit comb not included). Includes a single use OneCure tip and a bottle of the liquid super gel. Treats one.
Box includes:
1 treatment tip
1 bottle of liquid gel

$49.95 per kit